The beginning


“It’s always luck” it’s a non-so-famous quote by Henri Cartier Bresson.
Henri was being interviewed about his probably most famous photo, Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare – an example of what a perfect photo should be – and explained that when he shot, he couldn’t see the man jumping, so he stated that he was simply lucky to get THE shot as we know it.

He said this with a better than Mona Lisa smile.
Obviously it can’t be only luck.
Henri knew it.

This quote ( and that smile ) is in my mind from that moment, and i want to make a homage to Henri calling itsalwaysluck this blog.
I’d like to talk about street and reportage photography, 35mm film developing and printing techniques, “street” reviews of the cameras i own and i owned and to publish photos and interviews from nice photographers i find on the web.

P.s. You can find that amazing interview of Henri HERE.


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