God bless Ricoh GR!

This will be a totally subjective article, with no objective elements at all.

If that’s fine for you, then keep reading, otherwise, close this tab NOW.

If you need a “Street Review” of the mighty Ricoh GR/GR II (yeah-they’re the same), check out this ONE.

In the meantime, Ricoh discontinued GR I but produces GR II, at the same, crazy cheap price. It is the same camera (same lens, same sensor!) plus wi-fi. If you are going to buy it, please use one of the following links:

Ricoh GR II on Amazon (UK)

Ricoh GR II on Amazon (USA)
This is an affiliate link with Amazon, it means that you will pay the same for the camera but Amazon will give me a little bit that will help this blog growth. Thank you and keep reading!


From tomorrow, i will probably use a new camera.

I said probably because I need to be sure the new camera delivers the same great quality and usability of the Ricoh GR.

Those following words are the least i can write to say how much i am grateful to my little GR, and no, i am not paid from Ricoh.

It’s been more than two (2) years that I own my little black gem.

I bought it just after my graduation, and I couldn’t have done a better choice back then.

I am very grateful to myself when I made this choice.

All can I say, is that buying a Ricoh GR was the best investment I ever made in my photography.



Before the Ricoh-Era, I was constatly struggling for “something better” in my street photography, and I’m sure you can understand me quite well.

A faster camera, a better sensor, a better lens, and so on.

There was a lot of things that could be improved in what my gear was.

Then, after my graduation I had enough money to change my camera, and I was in front of a crossroad: to buy an analog Leica M or to buy a Ricoh GR?

Thanks god, I chose the little GR.

It’s “perfect” for me, and I can’t ask anything better for making real street photography.

Since i bought my Ricoh, lot of “stuff” started to happen to me.

Stuff that I would never expect.

I travelled a lot.

My GR made with me thousands kilometer.

It Flew to Japan, Morocco, all across Italy and Europe.

We saw the most different cultures and different economical conditions in the world, snapping together.

After using it ANYWHERE, it just had a dust issue and went back “home” to do a cardio-surgery (sensor cleaning). After some time, it came back, and I was happy again.
Shots I made with this jewel, were exhibited (and they are still going on!) for the international project “VIA! Fotografia di strada da Amburgo a Palermo” in a lot of italian cities and in one of its most important museum – Museo di Roma in Trastever, the same museum of that little thing called World Press Photo.

One picture made by GR was Finalist – it means, printed and exhibited – for the Miami Street Photography Festival 2015 (you can see it here).

All those events gave me great visibility, and I also joined a Street Photography Collective I love, EyeGoBananas.

With them and other Italian collectives, other prints made by Ricoh are currently exhibiting again in different italian cities for the Italian project “100 Attimi”.

Two pictures were finalists – and again, printed and exhibited – for the Brussels Street Photography Festival 2016 (have a look here). The BSPF organization also invited EyeGoBananas collective to make a photo projection and a little talk in Brussels. We did it, and we also arranged to launch our first street photography magazine, Fine (F)art. Great time, having fun with BIG names of street photography in the world.


Now have a look to some of my favourite pics i shot with it.

I believe that pictures are far more important than words – in photography at least.

Thanks for reading,



P.S. I admit i am a little be sad, and of course i’m not selling my beloved GR! 😉


R0041756R0041591R0041508R0041428R0041609R0041243R0041280R0013077R001274715143442648_20d57a5ae7_o (2)







17 thoughts on “God bless Ricoh GR!

  1. But the question we all want to know the answer to is way camera comes next. ….?

    Robert Heaney +46702664424

    1. Ciao and thank you for passing by. I’m really glad that you liked my pics. You should not fear pointing camera at people: 99% of time nothing bad will happen. Go out, and shoot!
      Have a great day,

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