Fuji X100F: First week impressions

About a week ago I was in Iserlohn for the “Observations 2017” festival, and the mighty Johan Jelbo from FullFrontalFlash let me try his new X100F…damn, i was sold! When i was back in my city, I went to the local “drug seller” just to watch if he had one…and actually i came back with a bag with a brand new Fuji inside.

Btw, this is not intended to be a full review of this camera: I just want to write my first impressions of this sexy beauty. Let’s go!



To start, I must admit that I love the way the camera looks. It’s damn sexy! I chose the black version, and i love every corner of it. It’s solid, and of course it reminds the Leica M design, with the plus that the Fuji it’s even smaller and lighter.  It feels balanced in the hands, and it has A LOT of buttons, so every function you need is just at one button distance.



The hybrid viewfinder is…GORGEOUS. I admit that it’s because of this that i bought the camera. The OVF with additional electronic informations is super bright and big enough (i think it’s about 0.6x magnification) – of course it’s a little bit smaller than a Leica OVF. It shows everything i need. You can also use the EVF. I find it very good too. It does not noticeably lag, but i find that the EVF by Sony is still a little bit better, with more dynamic range.



The X100F sports a 24 megapixels sensor (f*ck, that’s a lot) that has surprised me for its qualities. I didn’t expect files to look THIS good, at all the iso sensitivities. It has a great dynamic range, and it’s capable of a very accurate white balance. Plus, i’m finding that jpegs are good enough for 90% of the pictures i shot. I was reading this there and there over the internet, but i thought it wasn’t true. Actually, that’s true. I’m using Classic Chrome preset, with NR -4 and Color -1, shooting raw+jpeg fine and i find the jpegs are really usable. At most, i just add a fast contrast curve, but colors are perfect already. The lens is wonderful, with a maximum aperture of f2 it’s capable of that “pop up” effect, with a smooth transition to the background, perfect for portraits. When stopped down, it becomes sharper. The AF is fast enough and “precise”. I find that it becomes faster when i switch from OVF to EVF. I feel it has similar performances of the Ricoh GR. The shutter is very silent – you almost can’t hear it.



Damn, i’m really enjoying shooting with this camera! I take it everywhere with me. I will wait before making a “definitive” review, but i must admit that the first impressions are awesome.

If you are buying it, please consider using the following links to support this blog:

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Fuji X100F Black on Amazon.com

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…and enjoy some other pictures from my X100F!



5 thoughts on “Fuji X100F: First week impressions

    1. Thank you mate. I don’t know if we can say it looks similar to film (maybe yes!) but for sure they are pleasing and most of all they look very natural. I really like the skin tones and those “flat” green/blue 😉

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