My name is Giorgio Scalici. I am 24 y.o. and i am a medical doctor. I mainly started to shoot the streets to overcome my shyness with people i don’t know and to better understand my city. After some years of street photography, i can surely say that now i love to interact with people and i completely fell in love with my city, Palermo. I am currently working for the “VIA!” project made by the Goethe-institut, with 10 great german and italian photographers. I don’t have a specific purpose while shooting: it’s just a great way to connect with the surroundings and to free our mind in a zen-like experience. I just follow the light and photograph what i like, trying to fix forever that 1/125th of second that matters. Please remember: “Chaque instant est unique”!

In this web space you can find street and reportage photography, 35mm film developing and printing techniques, “street” reviews of the cameras i own and i owned and interviews from nice photographers all over the world.

You can connect with me through my Facebook/Twitter/Flickr pages.





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