Ciao, this is Giorgio Scalici.

I’m 25 and I’m a medical doctor working as a Resident in Internal Medicine at the hospital Policlinico P. Giaccone of Palermo. I’m also into acupuncture and emergency medicine.

About five years ago I discovered street photography and since then I had no doubts about what to shoot: people living their daily life.

I went through a lot of cameras in those years, and I learned how to shoot, develop and print Film. After this time in the darkroom the “lightroom” workflow became easier to me. Now i know what i want and i have all the tools to get it!

“It’s Always Luck” is an expression that Henri Cartier-Bresson uses in this interview. Despite we can say that he is the father of street photography and probably one of the best photographer we know, he just put all his talent aside and explained that all of his keeper shots were luck-related. I like this kind of attitude – a big lesson that shut-up our egos!

Of course the workshop is not about luck.

It’s about long walks, hunting the streets and trying to improve our photography.

It’s a tutored immersive photographic learning experience, in which we will walk side by side through the streets of Palermo. Probably it’s not for everyone. It’s for open-minded people what wants to live a beautiful photographic experience. It’s not for beginners: you should already know how to operate your camera and the basics about the magic trio iso – shutter speed – f-stop.

During this experience you will:

  • Know better your gear – use the right setting for the street and obtain the best possible quality in the final image!
  • Go through the variety and richness of street life in Palermo – people with amazing faces, kids playing in the streets, big open spaces, beach, religious festivals…and so on!
  • Go where the tourists doesn’t go – e.g. the “Vucciria” by night

…you will experience why…

  • Understand what the term “photography” – writing with the light – means, and you will pay attention to the richness of lights and shadows.
  • Taste delicious street food. Palermo is well known to be on the top 5 street food experience in the world. Panelle, crocchè, sfincione, arancine are just few of the things you will eat – you will be stuffed!
  • Master the Digital Workflow – create film-like B&W or color images!


The maximum number of participants is 3.

If you are 2 or more coming together you can get a discount.

Contact me for infos about the price.


Let’s hear – and most of all look – at something done by someone like you that already attended the workshop.

  • Robert Heaney

Robert  came from Sweden.

His website:

Soon i will put a little report of this experience he wrote!

Robert3Robert1 Robert2


7 thoughts on “Workshops

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Sounds like you have already been in Palermo! I will be glad to show you the best views and tastes of my city. Have a great day!

  1. Yes, I’ve been there twice, and I love it! I tried to divide my time between the city and Mondello as I was there in the summer 🙂 I had only just started photography then and don’t have a lot of good shots from there, so I need to come back!
    Carved in Stone

    1. Yes, you definitely need to come back then! 🙂 I live in Mondello, and it’s one of my favourites spots to shoot. Looks like I can recognise the place where you made those two shots. They are good, I especially like the shadow play. I’m sure you will come back with great pictures next time you come to Palermo! 😉

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